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Furnish Master

Relaxing furnishing simulator





Relaxing furnishing

Relaxing and calm furnishing gameplay with easy and intuitive controls allow you to move objects however you like and place them wherever you want.


Design freedom

There are plenty of colors and materials for your furniture so it fits the color palette of your rooms. Materials also have different settings, so you could design a room without ever thinking if a furniture will fit. Just select any object and setup it’s appearance!


Story and puzzles

Story mode has a full town you can buy places in and furnish them! Invest in properties, earn money, to buy more places and furniture and grow your way to a dream mansion.

Story mode also has some interesting challenges and puzzles for you to solve. Use your furnish skills to complete all the challenges, earn reputation, unlock new objects and more!

  • What is the game about?
    This is a relaxing game about furnishing apartments, houses, commercial estate and even outdoor territory.
  • Is it a life sim, like The Sims?
    No, it is not a life simulation game and cannot be compared to a sims series in any way. This game is all about placing furniture and other objects around and there are no plans to add life or families management mechanics.
  • Will there be a story mode?
    Yes, such mode will be a major part of the game. But it is unknown yet, if there will be characters and illustrations/cut scenes, or just a text driven story.
  • Sandbox mode without limitations?
    Sure, but some of the content should be unlocked via story mode.
  • Will it be possible to change colour of walls, floor or furniture?
  • Can we make our own rooms with any size?
    Yes, I plan to add a small room editor, so you could make a room with a shape and size you want.
  • Will it be possible to import custom 3D objects or textures?
    You will be able to do so using a modding kit. I do not plan to add in-game importer, but maybe this feature will be a part of the game in future.
  • What are supported platforms?
    PC, MacOS and Linux Mobile platforms are not planned. However Steam Deck is supported the game should run smooth on it.
  • What are minimal and recommended specs
    Minimal: Windows 10 GTX 960 / R9 380 4Gb Ram Recommended: Windows 10 R TX 2060 / RX 6600 8Gb Ram No MacOS specs yet
  • What engine does the game use?
    Unreal Engine 5
  • Will there be a mod support?
    Yes, but due to some technical difficulties it may be unavailable at the release.

Relaxing furnishing simulator

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