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Furnish Master press kit


Release date: February 20th 2024

Release stage: Early Access

Platform: Steam (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Genre: Casual, Sandbox, Base Building

Game Engine: Unreal Engine 5

Price: $14.99 (with regional prices)

Furnish Master is a game where players can express their creativity by furnishing various home properties! The game includes a story mode that challenges up-and-coming interior designers by adding financial challenges and restrictions, tasking players with earning enough money to furnish all new spaces. Become the Furnish Master and make all your home-renovation dreams come true!


Relaxing furnishing
Relaxing and calm furnishing gameplay with easy and intuitive controls allows players to move objects however they like and place them wherever they want.
Players have full freedom of manipulating furniture and other decorations, so they could build a place of their dreams!

Design freedom
There are plenty of colors and materials for furniture to choose from, so it will be easy to find a color palette for any room. Materials also have different settings, so players could design a room without ever thinking if a furniture will fit.

Story mode
Story mode has a town filled with places players can buy and furnish! By investing in properties and earning money to buy more places and furniture and grow their way to a dream mansion.

Story mode also has some interesting challenges and puzzles for players to solve. They must use their skills to complete all the challenges, earn reputation, unlock new objects and more!

About Developer

Alexander Blintsov is the main developer of Furnish Master. While his work on Furnish Master was primarily as a solo dev, Alex is also one of the founders of a small gamedev studio, that primarily creates mobile games. Development of Furnish Master began in March 2022, inspired by previous experiences in 3D modeling and level/technical design. Alexander has began his journey 10 years ago as a modder and after spending the last 5 years developing mobile games, he's eager to test his skills, bringing new worlds to life!



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